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ADC-SiTCP Software and Documents Downloads

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  • Programmer's guide for SiTCP Software
  • SiTCP Utility
  • Manual for SiTCP Utility
  • FPGA sample for SiTCP
Apr. 16, 2019
Hardware Manual
This explains hardware configuration of ADC-SiTCP(BBT-019).

BBT-019-hardware-manual-1.4.pdf(452 KB)
Apr. 16, 2019
FPGA Specifications
Factory-selectable FPGA.

BBT-019-FV01-spec-1.6.pdf(203 KB)
BBT-019-FV02-spec-1.4.pdf(194 KB)
Jul. 13, 2012
FPGA Specifications (Default)
They are specifications of the firmware on ADC-SiTCP(BBT-019).

adc-sitcp-spec20111005.pdf(147 KB)