Privacy Policy

BeeBeans Technologies Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as BeeBeanse) recognizes the importance to protect all personal information, and commits to protect information with following basic policy.

  1. Regarding proper handling of the personal information, BeeBeans sets rules to abide by all officers and employees, and protects the rights and interests of individuals, with considering usefulness of the personal information.
  2. Acquisition of personal information must be with the predefined purpose, and BeeBeans collects them appropriately within necessity of accomplish the purpose.
  3. BeeBeans only uses or offers collected personal information within the purpose on which specific individuals agreed, except by legal compliance or necessity to protect of important interests, like lives, health or properties, of specific individuals or third parties.
  4. BeeBeans implements countermeasures against risks, such as unauthorized access, theft, missing, defacing, destruction and leaking of personal information.
  5. BeeBeans will disclose the personal information upon a request from it’s owner. If there are errors as a result of disclosure, we will respond appropriately to correct them.
  6. BeeBeans complies with norms which is applicable to the protection of personal information such as laws, regulations and guidelines.