About SiTCP

SiTCP is the technology that connects a FPGA with the network.

Using SiTCP, You easily construct a server used in scientific experiment,  on which you need transfer of large-capacity data. It can transfer data by 1Gbps without data communication software.
SiTCP is a library file to use in a FPGA on your module.
We distribute and manage the library which has been offerd by Dr. Tomohisa Uchida.

  • Provide library files in binary mode for each Xilinx FPGA that cover most products.
  • See following documents for farther details (sitcp.net).
  • If you have questions about SiTCP, please refer to SiTCP Forum.
    • The site is new, but you can use the same username and password as the old SiTCP User Community site.
  • You can download the library file from GitHub (How to download).
  • To download documents and software about the product, please see the Download Page.
  • We sell license files with MAC address. Please apply for quotation from here.