BRoaD 1 New

The BRoaD1 is a system for easily generating, synthesising and distributing various logic signals in a laboratory environment.
In addition to conventional NIM signal versions, TTL and LVTTL signal versions are also available.


DAQ visualization software for PSD detector systems.

(日本語) SiTCP-XG ライセンス

(日本語) 10GbEに対応したSiTCP-XG・1ライセンスから購入可能

(日本語) SOY2-D1 BBT-024

(日本語) SOY2-D1 は別売のSOY2(BBT-022) の機能拡張用のドーターボードです。SOY2 に接続することにより、SOY2 のデータ収集方法の習得や簡易的なデータ収集が可能になります。また、ユーザーによるデバッグを支援する各種機能を搭載しています。

8ch-5Gsps-Digitizer with Q.V.T Software

8ch-5Gsps-Digitizer writes 8 channels of analog signals input from the SMB connector to analog ring memory at high speed.


SOY2 is a general-purpose SiTCP board with a Xilinx 7 series FPGA (Spartan-7). You can use the board for SiTCP evaluation or attach it to your device. Shape of the board is compatible with BBT-006 SOY-100M and is capable of gigabit-ethernet communications.

SiTCP Library

SiTCP is the technology that connects a FPGA with the network.


BRoaD III is a 1U size NIM module, easily generates, synthesizes and distributes logic signals at the laboratory.


This board can digitize the 16ch balanced analog input signals at maximum 40Msps. It also can transfer the data to the PC via Ethernet using the SiTCP.


The product control GP-IB via Ethernet.