SOY2-D1 BBT-024

Product Code BBT-024

SOY2-D1 is a daughter board for expanding the functionality of SOY2 (BBT-022), which is sold separately. By connecting to SOY2, you can learn the SOY2 data collection method and perform simple data collection. It is also equipped with various functions to assist users in debugging.

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Analog-Digital conversion
      • Equipped with 2 ADC channels and is able to 1MSPS, 12bit simultaneous sampling.
Digital-Analog conversion
      • Equipped with 4 DAC channels. It can output 0 to 2.048V with a resolution of 12 bits.
Comparator (TTL input)
    • Equipped with his 4ch comparator with a wide power input range.
    • In addition to being used as a normal comparator, it can also be used as a TL input by attaching an additional resistor.
      • Sampling rate: 1MSPS
      • Resolution: 12bit
      • Number of ADCs: 2ch
      • Number of channels: 2ch
      • Resolution: 12bit
      • Number of channels: 4ch
Total number of channels: 4ch
      • MRCC connection: 2ch
      • SRCC connection: 1ch
      • General-purpose I/O connection: 1ch
      • Emission color: Green
      • Number of channels: 4ch
      • FX2-100S-1.27DS
* Specifications subject to change without notice.
* The warranty period for this product is one year after purchase.


SiTCP libraries for Xilinx Spartan 7 can be downloaded from  SiTCP User Community .