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Product Code BBTX-129

DAQ visualization software for PSD detector systems.

DAQ and visualization software for PSD detector systems. It is possible to display and save the peak values and TOF images of each module such as NEUNET/GATENET/TrigNET in real time, and it is also possible to play back experimental data conducted in the past.
In addition to being able to clearly display the statistical information necessary for diagnosing each module, it also has a memory access function that allows you to check whether FPGA development and settings are being performed correctly.
This product has a client/server configuration, and the server can be run on the computer where the client is running, or on a separate computer, depending on the environment.


  • Filter settings
  • Memory access function
  • Statistics display
  • 1D Histogram display
  • 2D Histogram display

Compatible equipment

  • NEUNET-c *
  • TrigNET
  • TrigNET-CP2

*Response to 0x5f neutron event

Operating environment

  • Windows10 (64bit) or later
  • macOS 10.15.7 or later
  • CentOS7(64bit) or later