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The circuit boards developed by High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), and sold through technology-transfer program of KEK.

(日本語) 8ch-5Gsps-Digitizer with Q.V.T Software

(日本語) 8ch-5Gsps-Digitizerは、SMBコネクタより入力された8チャネルのアナログ信号を高速でアナログリングメモリに書き込みます。


This board can digitize the 16ch balanced analog input signals at maximum 40Msps. It also can transfer the data to the PC via Ethernet using the SiTCP.


THIN-GEM is a neutron detector for neutron physics which can measure both two-dimensional image and TOF (time of flight) information. We also sell the readout substrate alone.


This substrate and software is designed for high speed sampling of the 16ch analog signals.