Equipment that reads signals from detectors or so.

8ch-5Gsps-Digitizer with Q.V.T Software

8ch-5Gsps-Digitizer writes 8 channels of analog signals input from the SMB connector to analog ring memory at high speed.


This board can digitize the 16ch balanced analog input signals at maximum 40Msps. It also can transfer the data to the PC via Ethernet using the SiTCP.


THIN-GEM is a neutron detector for neutron physics which can measure both two-dimensional image and TOF (time of flight) information. We also sell the readout substrate alone.


Mung is the module for performing radioscopic measurement efficiently by muons.


Improved the Mung, to expanded the input channels to 200.

MPPC Readout Unit

This unit processes the signal of 200ch at maximum detected by the MPPC.


This substrate and software is designed for high speed sampling of the 16ch analog signals.