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Product Code BBT-020

BRoaD III is a 1U size NIM module, easily generates, synthesizes and distributes logic signals at the laboratory.

Power supply is AC100 V or NIM BIN.

It has 8 LEMO connectors for general purpose 50 Ω input, 8 Fast NIM outputs, 8 LVTTL outputs, and sampling rate is 1 GHz and time resolution is 1 ns.

You can freely combine and apply functions such as “Delay”, “Counter”, and “Measure” and logical operators like “and”, “or”, “not” to the input signals.

It is also possible to internally generated arbitrary signals and use it as a pulse generator, and to configure the logic freely by using the attached software.

With these functions, it is easy to verify the signal processing logic, switch inputs and compare the outputs of multiple logic circuits, and more.

The created logics can be saved on the PC and the internal flash memory, and you can use them repeatedly.

The internal flash memory can store up to 16 logics and you can set one of them to be called automatically when the power is turned on.

BRoaD III supports remote control via Ethernet by SiTCP.


– Input: LEMO 8ch (general purpose 50 Ω / programmable Vth)
– Input range: ± 5 V
– Threshold voltage range: ± 2.5 V
– Output: LEMO 8ch (Fast NIM)
– Supported logics: AND, OR, NOT, XOR, Counter, Delay
– Power supply: AC 100 V or NIM bin (± 6V)

* The above specification may change in a future without notice.

This product also accepts FPGA customization. Please feel free to contact us.

To download documents and software about the product, please see the Download Page.