Experimental Assistance Service at MLF BL21

High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)

We provide experimental assistance service at Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility (MLF) in J-PARC.
The KEK beam line 21 (BL21: NOVA) group conducts experiments using high-intensity neutron total diffractometer.  We support them with following works.
  • Assistance of data correction
    • Primary analysis of Data ( Making histogram or deriving static structure-factor)
    • Correction of primary analysis data (Inelastic scattering, Placheck method)
    • Making a correction manual
  • Software for controlling hydrogen gas atmosphere
    • Adjusting the software
  • Assist of experiments
    • Setting and adjusting of sample peripheral devices
    • Monitoring operational conditions of experimental devices
    • Sample setting
    • Making sequences of experiments